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    The idea for TRU∙Kii came about from days at our local ski hill with my two boys who were three and seven at the time. While the hill did not have much vertical, the trek from the parking lot to the lodge did. Lugging all three sets of gear up to the lodge was grueling. By the time we reached the lodge, we were cranky, tired and already sweaty from the haul. In short, the skiing part was awesome—carrying our gear to and from the hill, not so much.

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    At TRU∙Kii, we’re all ski enthusiasts, and there’s nothing we love more than a day on the slopes with family and friends. We put our brains and experience together to craft a ski cart that is perfectly suited for a family of ski lovers or a group of friends. We make it easy to transport your skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, and other essential equipment to the mountain with minimal effort. We’re proud to present the TRU∙Kii Ski Travel System and watch it transform your ski day experience.