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How big is TRU∙Kii when unfolded?

45H  x 30W x 44.5D inches

How much does TRU∙Kii weigh without any ski equipment on it?

The frame with just the wheels attached weighs 22 lbs.

How much weight can TRU∙Kii haul?

TRU∙Kii can haul up to 150lbs. That approximately equals the equipment for a family of four!

How many pairs of skis can TRU∙Kii carry?

TRU∙Kii can carry up to four pairs of skis of any size, kid or adult. Just make sure to balance the weight evenly on each side.

How many snowboards can TRU∙Kii carry?

TRU∙Kii can carry four snowboards, two snowboards arranged back-to-back on each side of the frame.

Can TRU∙Kii carry Skis and Snowboards at the same time?

Yes! TRU∙Kii can carry up to two pairs of skis and two snowboards.

How do I know if my wheels are snapped on?

Make sure to press the white wheel button while attaching the wheel.  Then tug on the wheel to confirm attachment.

Do the TRU∙Kii tires need to be inflated?

No, the 11-inch tires are made from a durable EVA Elastomer compound and never need inflating.

Can TRU∙Kii fit in my car?

TRU∙Kii folds compactly, stores right in the TRU∙Kii waterproof Mountain Duffel, and can fit in most vehicle trunks.

How big is TRU∙Kii when it’s folded?

32.25H x 20.5W x 10.5D inches

How big is the Mountain Duffel?

33.5H x 14W x 13D inches, with a capacity of 78-liters (20.6 gal.). Huge!

Is the Mountain Duffel waterproof?

Yes, the mountain duffel is made out of a durable, high abrasion-resistant material that is 100% waterproof.

My Mountain Duffle is hanging too low on my TRU∙Kii frame. Why?

It might be attached with the wrong strap. Make sure to attach the duffel using the short center strap located between the backpack straps. Do not attach it with the duffel carry handle.

How big is the TRU∙Kii Table Tray?

19.5L x 13.5W inches

How can I secure my skis to the TRU∙Kii at the mountain?

We recommend using a long thin cable lock at least 5-feet or 60 inches long. Thread it through all the bindings and through the red TRU∙Kii leg. And finally, to a ski rack for extra security.

Why won’t my TRU∙Kii fit in the Mountain Duffel?

For the perfect fit, make sure to pop off both wheels and place them along side the folded cart inside the Mountain Duffel.